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Industrial Solar Panels System

Reduce your energy costs and sustain the environment with solar power!

  • Affordable energy
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Cost optimizations

From industrial solar panels to customized solar power plants, Electro Line has been at the forefront of harnessing solar power for different industries in Vadodara.

Solar Power For Industrial Application

Selecting solar energy solutions for industrial applications can help save energy costs and reduce the carbon footprint. Over the years issue like climate change, and environment deterioration has been pushing authorities, and businesses to mitigate carbon-related emissions. Choosing an industrial solar system ensures that your organization lowers carbon emissions and yet saves on energy bills.

An industrial solar panel absorbs sunlight in terms of photons and releases electrons to create electricity. In comparison to the complex conventional power grid systems, industrial solar installation is simple and effective.

On-Grid Solar panel system for Industry

An On-grid solar panel system is the one where solar energy is generated in DC or direct current. As the solar panel or PV is connected with a power grid system, it is converted into Alternating Current(AC) before distribution to different parts of an industrial plant or manufacturing plant. With an on-grid industrial solar power system, you get

  • Reliable Setup
  • AC Current Conversion
  • Affordable Energy
on-grid Solar Systems - Electro Line

Off-Grid Solar panel system for Industry

Off-grid solar power systems are standalone PV infrastructure that is not connected with a grid. It is best for remote areas and locations where the electricity grid is not available. Industrial solar panels in an off-grid system need batteries to create a backup for supply in the night. These standalone solar power systems are simple to install and use. With an off-grid industrial power system, you can achieve,

  • Remote Power Supply
  • Reduced Installation Cost
  • Low Maintenance
off-grid Solar Systems - Electro Line

Solar power is clean and low cost to operate all your industrial activities. With an industrial solar system, you can ensure lower energy bills and optimization of power. So, why not invest in a radiant future with better ROI! Start your journey towards a sustainable future with Electro Line – Industrial solar installation company in Vadodara!

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